Monday, 15 February 2010

Confessions of a stash addict

Well any of you who know me well will know Im a bit of a stash addict and one of my goals for this year is to somehow diminsh my stash in an honest way which means I cannot buy new yarn for projects until the old yarn is used up.... so I could be here a while!! Only problem is Im also notorious for starting new projects before the old ones are finished.

I seem to be doing well on the whole, well apart from starting another new project today that is but there still seem to be boxes and bags of wool all over the place and I even managed to find some wool Id forgotten I had ever bought so Im thinking I might start planning (scary given how Im not so good with plans when it comes to knitting... sadly I just seem to be a complete ADHD knitter with the attention span of a goldfish) and pick out balls from my stash, will be interesting to compare what I had planned to make with them when I bought them to whatever I actually make.... dont you think?

Well Id better get clicking I guess

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Dont teasle me!!

Well, I havent been very good lately have I? I originally intended to update my blog everyday (but I guess that was ambitious!!) but as Im now on a nice long break from work I guess I have no excuse!!

I have however been very busy on the knitting front and have made a couple of pairs of fingerless mitts for homeless people and now have quite a big bag of bits together. Ive got some chunky wool to make another blanket to go in the bag yet though and I really feel I ought to make some scarves too, because as is often the way with living in sunny England, its bound to get blooming cold again very soon.

I've also knitted up the 'wonderful' tigger kit I had and found that for once sewing was not the biggest problem I had but the pattern called for the pieces to be teasled. This took twice as long as the sewing and knitting combined (well probably) and basically required me to brush each piece with a wire brush whilst simultaneously shredding my fingers so that the pieces looked like fur (next time Im using eyelash or funky fur!) As I currently have a Whinnie The Pooh kit very similar on the back burner Im pretty confident I am not going to teasle him!

Have been clicking away making letters for the poetry society's knitted poem too which I think is going to be incredibly cool. Ive made the letter 'I' and Im about halfway through the letter 'E' and I cant wait to see the finished product of all the knitted letters!
A whole poem made out of knitting... how exciting!! People are trying to guess what the poem is, but at this point looking at the letters it really could be anything!! If you've not seen the project they have a page on facebook but you can also check out the poetry society's homepage which has info too

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Kick-Ass Karate Tournament

Well the tournament went rather well, well overall anyway. My event was late starting so I was stressing by the time they registered us and I had become very nervous. I totally freaked when I got in the ring and blasted through my kata.... uh oh!! Needless to say I didnt get a very good score. This meant I went into the kumite with very little expectation as I had already done badly.

Kumite, or sparring as you may prefer to call it is my favourite part of a tournament and I never usually get through the first round. I say usually because I didnt just get through the first round... I went all the way and got gold for my kumite (that means I won). Which wasnt bad for my first tournament in 3 years! Now I just need to focus on my kata, and make sure Im ready for next time!!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Busy Bee

Wow, I havent updated in a while, been kinda busy with this and that, have finally decorated my bedroom (yipee!!). I seem to have a hectic weekend ahead of me with a karate tournament on saturday and my nephew's christening on Sunday. So I probably wont get much of a chance to update in the next few days either, but I'll try and nip on tomorrow to let you know how I get on, but need to get everything organised first (because I have been my usual organised self).

Oooh if you get a chance check out my deviant art page too, I uploaded a new vampire pic on there today. My DA page can be found here

Right better go get organised or Im gonna be running around like a loony in the morning
Night x

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Rocking on!

It's been a pretty slow day today, yet I feel thoroughly exhausted! I've continued to plod on with my cardi and have reached about 34/35cm... joy of joys! I'm determined not to get bored with it, but I swear its suddenly stopped growing!

I've updated my deviantart page today as well, with the picture seen here. Its a photomanipulation of my friend Sheona, as you guessed it... a vampyre!! Its a little bit 'dark' but I was quite pleased with the way it turned out. If you're on DA you can check out my other work too... assuming you want to of course. My username is blackflutterbies.

I treated myself tonight as well as I havent had any new cds in ages, and havent bought any for myself in what feels like years so had a big splurge on amazon tonight and got loads including Muse! I'm absolutely in love with supermassive black hole after it was used in the baseball scene of Twilight! Best film ever and that song is just beautiful!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A bit of this, A bit of that...

Nothing particularly exciting to share today I'm afraid folks (though you may not find that unusual... frankly that depends on your defention of interesting... I'm easily excitable so I find lots of things exciting and interesting).

My kimono cardi is coming along nicely although somewhat ploddingly I feel, but I will NOT abandon it... I swear!! It has a pretty lattice stitching, that now I know what I'm doing with it (the instructions could have been a little bit clearer) is definately not stupid!! The back now measures just over 30cm and its got to be 50cm to start the shoulder shaping so thats a good sign I suppose.

I've squeezed a little extra karate practise in today as well, nothing outlandish... just a bit of kata practise in the back garden. Ive been practising Bassai-Dai which I need for my next grade (red) and I'm hoping to do Bassai at the tournament on the 4th July as well. Only thing I did learn (the hard way of course) is that I should not have done it barefoot (I'm a little footwear shy in the realms of my own home and this does extend to the garden) and I ended up with thorns from some random (and invisible!!) plant stuck in the bottom of my foot!! What a bummer!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Easily fixed and ticking away!

Well, I've had a rather productive day on the crafts front today so am feeling rather pleased with myself and have a contendly full belly after cooking a creamy chicken for me and my bro tonight.

The armwarmers/fingerless gloves I had made, originally for my boyfriend who then sought pastures green have been fixed so are ready to go to someone who both wants, needs and deserves them at the homeless shelter, but its one less thing to worry about at last.

My Kimono Twist cardi from the LK knitting supplement is coming along nicely and I'm hoping that if I track my progress on here then I'll be somewhat less likely to frog it and start another new project or worse still put it into hibernation! Having the attention span of a newt is such a curse sometimes! LOL

This does however mean that I'm slowly putting a nice dent into my list of unfinished projects and one of those is likely to be frogged.... not because I'm bored (for a change) but the yarn Im using is completely unsuitable and as such the jumper will be too heavy to wear soooo I'm thinking a nice, warm and chunky bedspread as the yarn is variegated pinks. I'm also thinking of adding some sort of butterfly motif for that and have even knit a sample square up to test the butterflies thing (shocking I know! I'd be frightened too!) Its really difficult but I'm going to resist the bedspread until my cardi is done though.... I hope!!